Welcome to 2009, and it’s time to say good bye to 2008. Some of us have a happy 2008, and of course some of us have a very bad 2008. Anyway, let’s the bad passed and let’s welcome the good. :)

By the way, below are something I’ve done in Year 2008 which i think they are quite interesting in 2008.

01. My Dear D300

Before I “retired” from D200, I have my hand on D300. For me, I don’t think I have any bad comment on it before the release of D90. Dayem, D90′s noise control better than D300. WTF!!! Anyway, I still love D300 in term of design, speed and of course, Compact Flash Card. Last but not least, I LOVE NIKON!!! (eh, last year I also said this. :p)

02. Playstation 3

Just after I sold my D200, on the same day, I passed by a shop in Sungai Wang, then saw the PS3, ask the price, then look at the cash on hand. Taa Daa, finally I can’t resist the power of gaming. Doh!

03. Love in Bali Island

July. Finally, I have a good opportunity to travel to Bali Island. In this 4 Days 3 Nights trip, there are 6 persons in a group – Eddie & Wife, Orlson & GF and Henry & Wife. We have visited Tanah Lot, Ulu Danu Temple, Kintamani Volcano, Jimbaran Beach, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua Beach, Kuta Beach, Sukawati and etc. 1st 2 nights we stayed at Le Meridien Resort (thanks to Christina, Orlson’s GF) aka a 5 star hotel with super duper low price. And the last night stayed at Uma Sapna Villa, we enjoyed swimming in our private pool and have our own party! It was awesome to have Balinese breakfast send to our doorstep.

04. Blu-Ray Movie

September. Got my 1st copy of Blu-Ray. Previously, when I watched DVD, I already said NICE. But after watched Blu-Ray, it was just like whoa whoa WTF @@, it’s SUPERB!!! From that moment onwards, I was addicted to Blu-Ray movies. Yeah BD (Blu-Ray Disc), I can’t take my eyes off you!

05. Langkawi Island Shoppe.

September. This was my 1st travel to Langkawi. Eh, don’t laugh la. I seldom travel one ler. For this tour, I would like to thanks to Vince because he became our (the Balinese 6 Travelers) tour guide. He brought us to cheap seafood and nice attractions like fishing village, chocolate shopping point and bla bla bla. Not forget also to thanks to Christina (again) for giving us a chance to stayed in a 5 star hotel, Sheraton Langkawi Hotel with a super duper low price.

06. LCD TV

Just before 2009, my old TV spoiled right after I watched Bruce Lee in less than a minute. So I need a replacement, but of course not those old type TV anymore la. My 1st target is 32″ LCD TV, then I just looked for a few brands, like Sony V Series, Sharp Aquos and Samsung Series 4. But in the end, I bought Sony W Series, a Full HD 32″ LCD TV. hoho.

07. Mamma Mia! The Smash Hit Musical

Christmas, also a very unforgettable night for me. Because I have a great opportunity to watch the best musical show – Mamma Mia! The Smash Hit Musical. Our seats quite near to the stage, Tier 1 Row Y, seat number 2 & 3. Thanks to my wife for invited me to such an eye opening show. We have 9 peoples all together but seat in 2 separated groups in different row. In the end of the show, we stood up and danced along with the music. Mamma mia, does it show again? My my, just how much I’ve missed you.


Edited: For all readers, please stop reading, because the below part will dedicated to my wife only.

Hi Siew Fong, I would like to apologize to you. As you know, I am weak (people said rich man will weak, but I am not rich), always get sick, make you worry of me. I am forgetful, always can’t remembered what you have ask me to do. I am big spender, spent money on those unimportant items like GunPlas, PVC Figures, Cold Cast Figures, PS3 Games and bla bla bla. I am bad temper, always get angry times to times. Go me ne!!!

By the way, I would like to thank you for taking good care of me all these while (lao, like repeat last year one). Thanks to you because you willing to spend time to travel with me, having meal with me, talk with me, watch movies with me, sleep play with me and bla bla bla… It’s more than words to express my appreciation to you, my dear. Thank again.