Finally, we have to say good bye to 2007. Some people happy, and some people feel sad. Anyway, here are the 10 best things I have done in Year 2007:

01. 1st time travel to South Korea.

This was a great trip. I have to thanks to Bee because she organized such a good trip. I love Jeju Island the most and of course the best part is I have my 3rd Perfect Grade GunPla (PG RX-78-2) during the trip. Wakakakakakaka…

02. 1st time travel to Vietnam.

We (of course with wife loo) have joined ahleong’s couple to Hanoi. This was such a great challenge trip because we need to customize the trip all by ourselves. We experienced Vietnamese life by sitting by the street and have their local food, crossing the road like ChickenRun, even at the hostel can still heard the bang over our head with the honk honk and etc… Lao… Whatsoever, I will be back again for this unforgettable journey… :p

03. 1st time travel by Starcruise Superstar Virgo.

Yeah, finally I have a great opportunity to step on this famous ship in the country – Virgo. We got the cheapest price ever (after compared to others) for this tour, Thanks to Yenie & Shirrey for their effort in Mattha Fair! Heard that Virgo will be switching the route to Hong Kong starting this April. Sad la… I wish to have another cruise from Taiwan to Japan, but it costs more than RM3,000.

04. Got myself a very 1st painted GunPla.

This happened when one of my friend, Vince said want help me to paint my Strike Gundam. Woohoo… His skill really geng. And this also the 1st time I know PG don’t have the proper decals. Really WTF. Once again, thank you very much, Vince.

05. 1st time climb Bukit Tabur.

Nah, this is the 2nd time I climb mountain. 1st time Mount KK, now Mount Tabur. It located @ Melati. It took us more than 4 hours to finish climbing. Really crazy, because some of my teammates already very exhausted. Hehehehe… Anyway, thank you, Kenji because you brought us to this mount…

06. 1st time went to Super GT @ Sepang.

Vroooooooooooooooooom… Lao eh, panning with 70-200mm F2.8 VR really syok… Those Japanese race queens also really kawaii… Super GT 2008, I am coming… This time must buy special ticket… :p

07. 1st time paint a GunPla by using Gundam Markers and Liner.

I really “pui fook” myself, Gundam markers also can paint till like this ler. Eh, I am newbie ler, ok? Who want see this kit? Go to Glory System, 3rd Floor, Endah Parade. Hehehe…

08. Owned the 1st Semi-Pro DSLR with some new lenses.

Yes, after I “retired” from D70s, I back with D200. Wakakakaka. The only thing I don’t like about D200 is Noise Control. Arr… D300, please ready yourself for me… Last but not least, I LOVE NIKON… Wakakakakaka…

09. Got myself a very 1st PSP and know how to upgrade and unbrick.

PSP really nice ler, portable and handy ma, small and light to carry. When I travel, it will be my “things MUST bring”. Vince taught me the basic knowledge to upgrade my OE-ed PSP. At the same time, because of my curiosity (a pussycat dead), I have learned myself how to upgrade from OE to M33. And thanks to ahleong, because of his PSP bricked recently, I got a chance to learn another thing, UNBRICK PSP. Found myself damn geng. Bleh… :P

10. The best Toys Shop in town – Glory System

2007 is the year I meet Aunty Lenny, the owner of the toys shop – Glory System, and her son, Arthur. Aunty Lenny is a very kind person, she taught me many things included GunPla, TF, and some “social experiences”. She treat me very nice. I became more happier, knowledgeable, and “yao yeng” (i think many people will think got related mer? Got wor, happier jor will become more confident and then look good ma) after knowing her, and of course I have make more friends there. Thanks to you, Aunty Lenny.

Opps, is time to say Hello to 2008. Happy New Year!!!!

Edited: From here you guys can stop reading jor. This is dedicated to my lovely wife.

Not forget also to thank my wife, who has taking good care of me all these while. Hehe… You see me “fei fei pak pak” then you will know jor. You brought me a lot of happiness in my life including our trip to Korea, Vietnam, Starcruise, taking care of my GunPla, “chopped VISA” for my Super GT, late sleep because I have to unbrick PSP, “one eye open one eye close” on my Camera’s stuffs, take water from my backpack during Tabur Climb, and many more. Words really hard to say ler… Words isn’t enough to express my appreciations to you… Last but not least, THANK YOU… :)

*More “open one eye close one eye” ya :P